Authentic New Year's decor

The autumn season is coming to an end and active preparations for the most long-awaited holiday begin. The VIVID SPACE team has prepared a selection of New Year's decor that will be a great addition to any space.

1. Twins nirvana holy candlestick

Baobab Collection candlesticks inspired by the African savannah start the list of New Year's decorations. Blown glass decorative elements are incredibly versatile, which will complement not only festive, but also everyday interiors.

2. Disc Friso

Inspired by natural shades and textures, Gardeco décor will be appreciated. The fact is that Disque Friso was made in the studio of the eminent designer Domingos Totora. The relief of the disk consists of a symbiosis of smooth lines, reminiscent in shape and color of the hills of the Portuguese town of Maria da Fe.

3. Floor lamp Mito Raggio

The elegant Mito raggio floor lamp by Occhio is a real wonder of lighting for any room. It will help you create a bright environment in your living room or lounge area on one of the most fabulous nights of the year.

4. Candlestick Lantern

Finding incredible forms in the German studio Guaxs, Lantern candlesticks are born to create chamber comfort. New Year's decor of the home space is complemented annually by Guaxs candlesticks.

5. Red bubbles scented candle

Refined and warm, the scent of berries and tonka bean merges into Red bubbles candles from the Baobab Collection. The fragrance is perfect for cozy winter evenings and holidays.

6. Set of dishes The White Snow

The unique collection The White Snow, made of high quality porcelain, will be a great addition to the New Year's table. A set of dishes from the Italian brand Driade is distinguished by a perfect visual accompaniment.

7. Mojave Matcha cookware

For connoisseurs of something special in the New Year's decor, we offer exquisite tableware from the L'Objet brand. This will be a special accent that can surprise your guests on a festive night.

Make your space unforgettable in 2023! All products are available in VIVID SPACE!

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